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Larry Dearing, Medieval & Renaissance Music

The Elegant Simplicity of Early Music...

Music of the Medieval and Renaissance periods is both subtle and breathtaking.  Its variety explores deep moods of contemplation, light-hearted joy, courtly romance, and praise.  It is in short, the music of the people preserved and passed down to us across the centuries.

Come and join me on this strangely mystical yet comfortably familiar journey as we experience the music of Europe from the 12th through 17th Century Europe.

New! Medieval & Renaissance Songbook

Over the years of playing this marvelous and unique music, I've been asked often about where I find my sources.  I wanted to make this music more easily accessible and pull together a combination of some more popular period songs along with some that are particular favorites.  This collection of forty songs comes in three editions: a download edtion loaded with extras, a standard printed edition I can mail to you, and a "Musescore" edition containing score masters to be used with the popular free Musescore scoring software.  You can order here, and I'll also be carrying a few of the printed editions while preforming this season. Learn more

My Latest Album

Les Estampies Royales is a collection of seven surviving royal estampies, or dances from "The King's Manuscript", composed anonymously at the turn of the 14th century for the French court of Philip IV. It also includes a recent reconstruction of the fragmented First Estampie.

Surprisingly complex, these dances wrap listeners in a spell of musical swirls, shifts, and progressions as a series of short verses and repeating endings unfold. When taken together, these estampies blend into a virtual suite of similar forms and themes.

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