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Les Estampies Royales - Spring 2023

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Les Estampies Royales is a collection of seven surviving dances from "The King's Manuscript", composed anonymously at the end of the 13th century for the French court of Philip IV. This collection also includes a reconstruction of the fragmented Prime, or "first" Estampie.

Surprisingly complex, these dances wrap the listener in a spell of musical swirls, shifts, and progressions as a series of unique verses and repeating endings unfold. When taken together, these estampies blend into a virtual suite of similar forms and themes. I've attempted to present this collection in a fairly simple manner in keeping with late 13th century stylings - or at least as best as can be determined.

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Sine Nomine - Winter 2022

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Come along on a trip through the centuries and hear the sounds of a long-forgotten time. The mood is a bit dark, a little heavy, perfect for a winter sound scape, yet threads of warmth and hope run throughout.

These songs are interpreted in a Folk-friendly style using a variety of recorders, psaltery, hammered dulcimer and percussion. The selections I've chosen range from the 13th to the late 16th centuries and includes songs from several important Early Music collections including the Cantigas de Santa Maria, the Llibre Vermell de Montserrat, the Montpellier Codex, and others.

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In Tempore Spiritus - Fall 2021

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In Tempore Spiritus - Spirits in Time: Remastered EP of select songs from my original 2017 Release. Also included is the previously unreleased and irreverently interpreted Da Que Deus Mamoa (CSM 77).

Come explore the sounds and moods of a Renaissance Festival; a little rough, a little rowdy, and a lot of fun.  The styling is more folk-like and casual, somewhat more closely to how you would have heard these songs played in the streets, taverns, and inns of the time. On several songs I've gathered festival friends together to provide an additional variety of sound and structure.  You'll hear multiple recorders, guitar, bouzouki, lute, violin, and viola.  Fill your tankard, grab a sausage-on-a-stick, and enjoy the festival!

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Single Releases

John Tallow's Canon
(Chansoneta Tedesca)
From the album Sine Nomine

From my upcoming album

La Seconde Estampie Royale
From the album Les Estampies Royales

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