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Larry Dearing Music - Medieval Renaissance Music

A Bit About Me...

I've always been an early music geek.  There is something quite magical in its presentation and mood.  Several years ago, inspired by some of my favorite artists, I picked up an alto recorder on a whim and here I am.

I play Medieval and Renaissance music ranging mostly from the 12th to 17th centuries with a particular affection for music from Medieval Spain.  My tool box includes a variety of recorder and whistle voices, plucked psaltery, hammered dulcimer and I sometimes give percussion a go.

The style I play in is more of a folk style as Early Music is not "classical" music as we know it.  Some would call this style Medieval - Renaissance Folk, some would call it Neo-Medieval Renaissance.

Renaissance Faires and Festivals...

For several years I've played the lanes and stages of the Georgi Renaissance Festival (GARF).  I also play several smaller festivals and faires throughout the Southeast.  In 2023 I was nominated for the Renaissance Festival Awards for Best Solo Musical Performer from the Lanes, and for Best Album Release of 2023 for Les Estampies Royales.  Come hear me play as I attempt to present songs of the period much the way they may have been played in the streets, taverns, and inns of the time.

Where To Find My Music...

All of my music is available in various formats at both bandcamp and right here on my Online Store.   Incidentally, you may also hear my music being played at the gates of the Georgia Renaissance Festival (GARF) and on AncientFM, my favorite online streaming radio station for early music.  My music is also been featured on shows from the Renaissance Festival Podcast and on two compilation albums produced by Aldora Britain Records, Making Up For Lost Time and The Wilco Shuffle Project both available on Bandcamp.

Much my work is also available on most streaming services.  The following smart-links will take you directly to my artist profiles:
Spotify |  You Tube  |  SoundCloud  |  Amazon Music  |  Apple Music.

Want to Learn More?...

In November of 2022 I was asked by Adora Britain Records to take part in an interview for their e-zine, The Underground and Independent Music E-Zine.  Read the article.  In early 2024 I did a pod-cast interview for The Glamorous Pink Riders.  Watch the podcast.

Want To Help?...

While I do encourage tips, donations, and music sales, please know that 100% of all monies received go directly back into my music in the form of instruments,  equipment, various supplies and costuming.  In this way you are truly supporting independent music performance and production.  If you feel so inclined now you can tip me directly in my  Virtual Tip Box.

There are also ways to help that are absolutely free!  You can support me by liking and following my Facebook page Larry Dearing Music and by following and subscribing to my YouTube artist's channel.  If you're on Bandcamp you can sample all of my music and follow me there.   If you listen to my music on your favorite streaming service, please follow me there too.  Please share my links and posts among your tribe and throughout your universe.